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Ty James Hulleman

Photo of Ty James Hulleman

July 13, 1993 – November 2, 1999

Submitted by Vicki Hulleman, mother

The poem was written by Ty’s cousin after his death. Ty was all that she wrote. He was special, patient, had a huge heart, and generous. He was a great brother, made friends easily and they still remember him. There was something special about the way he was. He could have given so much to so many. Just Ty being himself.


Your love warmed the coldest hearts

Your smile chased frowns away

The sun was always shining on you fair head, even when

skies were gray

Your brown eyes lit up and twinkled with laughter; you always

loved to play

Your laugh was the sound of angels singing in my ears

And joy was all we knew the short while you were here

But joy is hard to find now, as sadness settles in

Your laugh is just a memory like birdsong in winter; no longer

heard by earthly ears

Your eyes no longer light up; they are forever closed in peace

The skies are dark and dreary; the sun no longer shines

And frowns grace the faces of all who held you near

But you love is still among us just as strong

For love is the greatest gift you gave us, even though we’re sad

you’re gone

We have your love to hold onto and warm us

To chase gray skies away

To give us smiles and laughter in our future days

And when our grief fades, as hard as it may seem

His love will always give us joy in our hearts and memories