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Donor Family Quilt Square

Walter Gerald Tessmer

Photo of Walter Gerald Tessmer

May 8, 1983 – October 15, 2000

Submitted by Cheryl Senn, mother

The quilt square is dedicated to a loving son, brother, grandson, and nephew. It shows Walter’s love for basketball. The writing represents lessons that Walter learned in his time here on earth. He will be remembered through his actions and in everyone’s heart.

Rules of the World by Walter Tessmer IV 12-15-1999

1. The world is not fair.

2. Everybody has a boss.

3. Living involves hassle.

4. Nobody is entitled to anything

5. True pride is self respect and must be earned not given

6. Being loved is only free for babies. After that reciprocity is required.

7. Everybody goofs, a lot.

8. Everybody is laughable.

9. Staying happy involves work.