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Donor Remembrance Day 2022

Today we take a moment to remember all those donors who saved and healed lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.

Every year, we celebrate Donor Remembrance Day at the close of National Donate Life Month. This is a special day to honor and celebrate those who have given the gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation.

There are many ways to honor and remember loved ones. Some plant forget-me-not flowers, some share pictures and stories, and others visit a place that was special to their loved one. This year, we’re remembering donor heroes by sharing videos of Honor Walks.

The Honor Walk is a symbol of unity and compassion among families, donors, and their care teams. Hospital staff are invited to come and silently line the pathway from the Intensive Care Unit to the Operation Room (OR) as the organ donor is brought to the OR for organ recovery. This is an opportunity for care teams to say goodbye to patients, pay their respects to the donor and show support for the family. Honor Walks provide families of intended organ donors, as well as the medical care teams, the opportunity to honor the generosity of the donor for sharing the gifts of life.

Honor Walk for Merle “Doc” Haugen

Credit: Monument Health

Honor Walk for Coralynn Sobolik

Credit: Mayo Clinic

Honor Walk for Annalese “Maste Win” Red Shirt

Credit: Monument Health