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Engaging our Driver’s License Office Partners

In February, LifeSource partnered with The Research Edge® LLC to conduct a Driver’s License Partner (DLP) survey to measure the engagement of LifeSource’s collaboration partners.

This survey was conducted for the first time in South Dakota and it re-measured the engagement of Minnesota and North Dakota driver’s license professionals.

Results from this survey have been helpful in understanding areas of strength as well as areas that need improvement. It is important to note that due to the number of respondents in North and South Dakota, the information gathered was qualitative versus quantitative. With more respondents in Minnesota, the information was interpreted as quantitative. LifeSource was found to be a completely reliable resource in nearly all respondents. Additionally, the level of comfort thanking customers for their decision has continued to increase along with the frequency of doing so. Areas of need include building comfort in answering difficult questions about donation as well as determining appropriate times to offer additional information.

Survey Objectives

  • Measure awareness of LifeSource among front line and management DLPs at North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota driver license offices
  • Measure the comfort and confidence of DLPs with sharing information and answering consumer questions
  • Measure engagement with LifeSource and donation in general

Respondent Profile

201 surveys completed
14%cooperation rate

North Dakota:
29 surveys completed
39% cooperation rate

South Dakota:
39 surveys completed
54% cooperation rate

Results Overview

  • All three states reported that they were satisfied or completely satisfied with LifeSource as a resource
  • DLPs agree that providing information about donation is not perceived as pressure to register
  • DLPs continue to feel comfortable thanking customers and are doing so more frequently
  • Education materials are seen as relevant to customers
  • More DLPs are uncomfortable answering difficult questions about donation; common misconceptions are difficult to address
  • DLPs are inconsistently handing out educational materials
  • DLPs have difficulty seeing their role in saving and healing lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation

From the feedback provided, we will work to address areas of need and continue to be a reliable resource to our driver’s license partners. Thank you to everyone involved in this process and all of our Driver’s License Partner’s for the incredible work they do to save and heal lives. Please reach out to Jessie Fiene, Community Partner Liaison, if you have any questions regarding the survey or our partnership with DLP’s in the region.