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Surgeon’s Daughter Receives Liver, Goes on to Medical School

Because of her liver transplant, Karishma went from a child who could hardly eat, was tired all the time and struggled during daily activities to a very active teenager with a bright future and more life ahead.

Karishma was born with a liver disease called biliary atresia, which is why she needed a transplant. She knew at some point she would need a liver transplant, but there was no guarantee on the time that she would need it. At the age of 10 Karishma’s disease caught up with her – school became very difficult, she was tired all the time, struggled to eat and was very jaundiced.

“I was placed on the waiting list in March and was lucky enough to receive a deceased donor in May. Had it not been for that donation, I would not be alive today,” said Karishma. The night her family received the call, Karishma was in disbelief. “Is this really happening,” said Karishma. “Am I actually going to be OK again?”

Life After Transplant

Since receiving her liver transplant in 2006, she became a very active teenager in her school, participating in cross country, track and field, speech, debate and a host of many other activities. She also loves spending time with friends when she’s not at school. Her dad, Dr. Bhargav Mistry, is a transplant surgeon at Sanford Fargo.

Karishma thinks about her donor and donor family often and has written to them.

“I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t received a transplant. The liver was pretty much a perfect match for me. I’m very thankful.” – Karishma

Karishma Now

After Karishma graduated high school, she went on to complete her Bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Minnesota. Upon graduation, she accepted a job at a healthcare company in Ohio and worked there for 2 years before beginning her journey in medical school. She is now in her second year of medical school and loving every moment of it! She continues to spread organ donation awareness through this journey and share her story whenever she can.

She had this to share when talking about her life now, “I am fortunate that I have had no health problems since my transplant and that I am able to live life as any normal 25-year-old. I am blessed to have received a liver in 2006 and I hope to continue sharing my story throughout my journey of medicine to help people in numerous ways.”

Karishma’s wish is for everyone waiting for a life-saving transplant, gets one. Be a champion for hope, register online to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor.