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30-Day #ShareYourHeart Challenge

Every April, we celebrate National Donate Life Month to honor those that have saved lives with the gift of donation. This year, we’re celebrating virtually through a #ShareYourHeart challenge. You can help saves lives by promoting organ, eye and tissue donation.

The #ShareYourHeart challenge was created to inspire others to register as a DONOR on their driver’s license, in place of our usual in-person events. Throughout National Donate Life Month, you can honor your loved ones and your community in hopes that sharing your heart each day will bring a smile to others.

Make a difference during National Donate Life Month.

  1. Join the challenge. We’ll share daily activities on the LifeSource Facebook page. Take a peek below at all 30 activities.
  2. Participate. Snap a photo of yourself or participate in the activity.
  3. Share. Post your photo or check in on social media with the hashtag #ShareYourHeart and tag us (@LifeSourceMNDAK). We are excited to see your photos! 

#ShareYourHeart Daily Activities

Day 1: Have you checked the box? 

Happy National Donate Life Month! Today’s the day to commit to the 30-day #ShareYourHeart challenge during the month of April. Drop a ❤ emoji on LifeSource’s social media post for the day if you’re a registered organ, eye and tissue donor.

BONUS: Change your profile picture and/or cover photo for April. Let’s turn our social media accounts blue and green!

Day 2: Share your connection.

Do you have a personal connection to donation and/or transplantation? Use the emojis below to describe* your connection to organ, eye and tissue donation! {Answer with all that apply to you} 

🏆 Registered donor 
❤️ Heart recipient 
💚 Liver recipient 
🧡 Kidney recipient 
💜 Lung recipient 
💛 Pancreas recipient 
💗 Small intestine recipient 
💙 Tissue recipient 
👀 Cornea recipient 
🌹 Donor family
🥇 Caregiver

💔 Loved one/friend/family member died while waiting 
🦋 Family member is a recipient 
🎉 Friend is a recipient 
💝 Friend was a donor 
⏰ Currently waiting for a life-saving transplant 
💪🏼 Living donor 
⭐️ Donation and transplant professional 
♻️ Believer

*Share your answer on LifeSource’s “Share Your Connection” post (shared on April 2, 2021 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Day 3: Make a call 

It’s time to reconnect with those you may not have talked to in a while or just have on your mind. The easiest way: pick up the phone and give them a call.

Transplant recipients – Share what it was like to receive your life-saving call.  

Donor Families – Ask family and friends for special memories about your loved one and make a memory jar.

Day 4: Talk Donation 

Happy Easter! Over your virtual or in-person small get-together with your family and friends, make organ, eye and tissue donation a topic to discuss. Understand everyone’s desire to donate or not, and then discuss why. Talk about the “what if this happens” etc. to start the conversation so when and if the time comes everyone understands what the others want. 

Day 5: Did you know?

Share or learn something new. Did you test your knowledge with our Donation 101 quiz? Share the quiz with your family and friends.

Donor Families – Share something you learned during the donation process.

Day 6: Donation Is…  

If you could describe donation in one word, what would it be?

 Day 7: Donate Life Living Donor Day

Today, we are celebrating those who gave to someone they love or to someone they never met a second chance with a living donation. Thank you to all living donors – you save lives!

Day 8: I’m a donor. Are you? 

Tag 1 person and share why you are an organ, eye and tissue donor. Challenge them to do the same. Not a donor? Encourage them to sign up.  

Day 9: Find Your Life-Saving Role 

It takes every one of us to make organ, eye and tissue donation happen.

Congratulations, you’ve all been offered new roles to grow the organ, eye and tissue donation process! Use your birthday and initials to figure out your new role – image coming soon!

Did you know: It takes many people working in concert to make the process happen in a short period of time (48 – 72 hours). Thank you to the incredible people who power the process every day!  

Day 10: Volunteer Appreciation Day 

Thank you Donate Life volunteers! You are a vital component of our community education program. By sharing your story and speaking at driver’s education and health classes, and with community leader – and amplifying positive donation messages across the country, you truly inspire others. Thank you.

Answer this: What is something you can do – or have done – to build up your community?

Day 11: Create Donate Life Rocks

Rocks painted with Donate Life brand blue and green colors

Head outside today & pick up a rock. Do you have blue & green paint, markers or fabric at home? Decorate your rock in any way you can show someone else love and joy; or simply what Donate Life means to you! Leave it in your neighborhood on your next walk to spread love and joy.

Love Rocks was inspired by two girls who lived with immense love and joy – and both unfortunately who passed away much too young. Their stories have shaped into so many more connections. With a glimpse of hope, these little rocks with fabric hearts have found their rightful owner just when they needed it most. Learn more about Love Rocks and how thousands across the world continue to honor the legacies of two organ donors, Anna and Abby.

Day 12: Donate Life Flag Raising 

LifeSource will be live-streaming across our social media channels a flag raising ceremony on April 12 at 10:08 a.m. Everyone is welcome join in and raise or show their own Donate Life flag wherever they are – home, clinic, office, etc.

Day 13: Write a Message of Hope 

Over 100,000 men, women and children are on the national transplant waiting list. Help us show support for everyone currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant as well as those families who’s loved one’s graciously gave the gift of life.

Share a message of hope and healing.

Day 14: Thank you healthcare heroes 

Heroes come in all forms! Thank you healthcare heroes for all your efforts as you continue to work and serve our community both during regular times and also during the challenges of the pandemic.

Donor families and transplant recipients – Share a shout-out, thank you message of appreciation to your hospital or transplant center care team.

Day 15: Let’s Chalk about Donation  

Time to get outside! Go on a walk. Create blue and green chalk art describing what organ donation means to you. Share your photo with us at for a chance to be featured.

Day 16: Blue and Green Day!  

Today is National Donate Life Blue & Green Day. Every year, we love seeing this incredible Donate Life community honoring the generous donors and sharing gratitude for the gift of life in your beautiful blue & green gear. Share a selfie or post a photo of your furry four-legged friend wearing blue and green. #DonateLifeMonth #BlueGreenDay

Day 17: Complete a Random Act of Kindness 

Complete a random act of kindness and make a difference – no act is too small – in your local community. Make a donation to a charity/cause that was near to your loved one’s heart. Schedule an appointment to donate blood with the American Red Cross or Memorial Blood Centers. Start collecting pop tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. What other ideas do you have?  

Day 18: National Pediatric Transplant Week 

Nearly 2,000 children under the age of 18 are on the national transplant waiting list. Thank you to the registered donors, donors & donor families who give hope and make life possible.

Let’s turn these kids’ frowns upside down! Download the official Donate Life America color pages below, or create your own picture about something that makes you smile. Include a message of hope and encouragement on the sheet of paper. Post a selfie with the message on social media. BONUS: Tag your local transplant center

Day 19: Together, We Can… Build #aworldofhearts 

Here’s another way to stay busy during this time of social distancing: make paper hearts to hang in your window. That’s it! 

Color it, paint it, cut it out, print it out – anything goes. Then, take a walk or drive around town and see how many hearts you can find. It’s a great way to keep busy, get fresh air and still practice social distancing. Just put a heart in your window or around the house to show your support. Don’t forget to share your photos with us (@LifeSourceMNDAK)!  

Day 20: A Look Back… And a Look Forward. 

Share a favorite memory and something you are looking forward to. 

Since 1989, we have guided over 10,000 donor families through organ, eye and tissue donation. Check out the moments that continue to shape our organization below.

Day 21: Moment of Silence 

Take a moment of silence for 1 minute and 8 seconds to honor past organ, eye and tissue donors and for those who continue to live out their legacies.

Why for 1 minute and 8 seconds? One donor can save eight lives. Let’s pause for life.

Day 22: Earth Day 

Did you know that the blue and green in the Donate Life symbol represent the blue sky, green earth, and the swirl of the circle of life? Get outside and make a difference for the Earth today. Some ideas to get you started: pick up trash on a walk outside, recycle or practice zero waste for the day, plant a tree or start a garden. 

Day 23: Choose Joy. 

Answer this*: What’s one thing that brought you joy today, or that you are grateful for?

*Share your answer on LifeSource’s “Choose Joy…” post (to be shared on April 23, 2021 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).  

Day 24: Be a Myth Buster

Share a story that busts a donation myth. For example: “My 90-year-old grandmother was a donor.” Learn more about what questions others have asked about donation. 

Day 25: Yes, I can! 

Do something healthy for your organs, eyes, and tissues (like drink daily required water, schedule your annual physical, or exercise for 30 minutes). 

Transplant Recipients: list 1 thing you are now able to do because of donation. 

Donor Families: Share a favorite memory of your loved one. How do you keep these memories close to your heart?   

Day 26: National Transplant Nurses Week

Not all superheroes wear capes. Thank you to all of the transplant nurses for your incredible dedication. You help make life possible. 

Share a message of gratitude to your transplant team.  

Day 27: National Tell a Story Day 

Share a story about someone who inspires you. Or, if you are connected to donation, share YOUR story. 

Day 28: It’s Superhero day! 

Write a note or post about someone you’re grateful for, and why you appreciate them. Remind that person how they have impacted your life and make the world a better place.  

During this pandemic, we strongly support and appreciate the front-line staff, including the donation and transplant professionals working to save lives today and every day. 

Day 29: Celebrate and find comfort in today. 

Tune into the Virtual Donate Life Day Celebration! Make your favorite snack and join us for the virtual Donate Life Day program taking place this evening.

What is something that brings you comfort? Cook your loved one’s favorite meal, or provide a meal to someone in need. 

Day 30: Donor Remembrance Day 

Light a candle in honor of our donor heroes who have given the gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation.  

Donor families: Submit a forget-me-not digital flower to the Association of Organ Procurement Organization’s national event.


Thank you for your participation in Donate Life Month and all you do to advocate for organ, eye and tissue donation!