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Memorial Gifts

Honor a loved one

When it comes to your loved one’s legacy, LifeSource is here to help honor them. Memorial gifts are an impactful way to remember someone special and touch many other lives. By choosing LifeSource as a memorial charity, you support our mission to save lives, support families, and build community for those in need.

Create a memorial

You can purchase a Garden Bench engraving in honor of your loved one. You can also ask your friends and family to contribute to the memorial gift. Submitted contributions should include the name of the individual to be engraved when asked if the gift is a dedication. The donor family will be notified when contributions reach the level to create a bench engraving.

Memorial flowers

Sympathy Gifts

In lieu of flowers, contribute now

Gifts made in sympathy, at the time of a funeral or memorial services, can be a powerful action with incredible outcomes. Your gift supports educational programs designed to inspire donor designation; and training for medical professionals in our partner hospitals on their role in the donation process. It also provides resources and support for donor families, offering hope and healing within the community.


Memorial Opportunities

Explore other ways to honor your loved one

We also offer other memorial opportunities made available at no charge to family such as our Gallery of Hope (recognizes both donors and recipients), Memorial Wall inscription and Donor Family Quilt to honor donors.

Have questions about giving?

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