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Estate Planning: A Decision That Can’t Wait

Creating a will and estate plan and reviewing it periodically, as you and your family’s needs change over time is a powerful way to reflect your values and share your legacy.

Autumn is a time for gathering the harvest, making ready for the winter months. Time spent in planning. Preparing. Reflecting.

As most of us have spent the better part of the past several months at home, working, learning, adapting to new realities, we have also tackled some of those often-put-off tasks: organizing closets, de-cluttering, home remodeling and landscaping.

One item on the to-do list for many of us is creating a will and doing general estate planning, a good thing to review periodically as you and your family needs change over time.

I interviewed Maureen Swan, a member of the LifeSource Legacy Circle, about how she approached these decisions in her own estate planning.

Interview with Maureen Swan

What advice would you give to others who are considering their own gift-planning?

Estate planning is really an exercise in personal philosophy and values. For me, it isn’t just about giving money, but rather, investing in something and creating a future impact.

What inspired you to include LifeSource as one of the beneficiary organizations within your estate plan?

I admire the principled way that LifeSource operates. They demonstrate a world-class respect for how gifts are treated. I have a passion for health and prevention, primarily for women and children, and for organizations that impacted my kids. LifeSource doesn’t fit those guidelines, but it is a mission that I care about.

What encouragement would you give to others who are considering gift-planning? Whether it is through an individual’s personal experience of donation or transplantation, or simply a desire to make a meaningful difference to save lives, LifeSource is the place to make a significant impact.

Already identified LifeSource within your will or estate planning? Let us know so we can recognize you as a member of our LifeSource Legacy Circle.

Please consult with your financial or tax advisor for specific guidance on estate planning strategies appropriate to you and your family’s needs. If you would like more information about the LifeSource Legacy Circle, please contact me, Laura Kelly Lovdahl, Development Coordinator, at 612-800-6299 or email

Laura Kelly Lovdahl

Laura Kelly Lovdahl is the LifeSource Philanthropy and Development Coordinator. In our world, we typically use the word “donation” to refer to the life-saving gifts of organs, eyes and tissues. In my role, I grow our network of generous financial contributors which help us support donor families and conduct community education. Read Laura’s Bio >