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Live On: Christian’s Story

“I told my son that I wanted him to grow up to be a good person. But actually, he taught me how to become a good person.”

Christian Mor-Ying Yang loved soccer and football. The loveable eight-year-old was a natural leader who wanted to be a policeman or firefighter.

His father, Tony recalls him saying, “Dad, the reason I want to be law enforcement is because I get to drive fast. I enjoy life and the fast pace, and then I also get a chance to save people.”

One morning in 2013, Christian stopped breathing and had to be taken to the ER. When it became clear that he would not recover, the Yang’s turned to their faith for guidance. “The first time we heard about LifeSource was when he was at the hospital,” said his mother, Priscilla. “We’re [of] Christian [faith], so we were praying about what we should do next. That’s when my husband talked to one of the nurses about donating, and they referred him to LifeSource.”

Tony and Priscilla said yes to donation.

“I don’t want to bury all his gold, his dreams with him. If any kid out there needs any of those organs, I’m more than willing to donate my son’s organs so that person can live; to see their life, chase their goals, and live their dreams.”

Christian saved the lives of four people as an organ donor.

Inspired by the continued impact of Christian’s short life, Tony and Priscilla are both registered donors.

Tony shares, “I never thought about, how my organs can save other people, but his did. That’s why, after him, I chose to be a registered organ donor.”