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Not Just a Health Plan: LifeSource Offers Non-Traditional Employee Benefits

LifeSource goes beyond just offering traditional benefits such as health, dental, and vision plans, paid time off, and retirement matching – LifeSource also supports its team through non-traditional perks.

Our LifeSource team members need to be well-supported to advance our life-saving mission of excellence in organ, eye and tissue donation. Read on to learn about the not-so-basic benefits offered to LifeSource team members.

1. A Culture of Inclusion

In 2020, our Board of Directors adopted a Bold Aim to create a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to reach our goal in achieving equity in communities of color saying “yes” to donation. Since then, LifeSource has committed to hiring a DE&I Director, renovated restrooms to include gender neutral options, strengthened our talent pipeline through a partnership with UpTurnships, and more. Learn more about the actions LifeSource has taken to advance internal inclusion here.

2. Tuition Reimbursement

From receiving an RN license to participating in an online DE&I certificate, LifeSource employees have capitalized on our tuition reimbursement perk. With a core value in innovation, LifeSource helps employees achieve expertise in their field through financial support of a degree or certificate maintenance.

Heather Maas, Accounts Payable Administrator, used her LifeSource tuition reimbursement benefits to earn an associate degree in accounting. She says, “It was great to pair the knowledge of the classes I was taking along with my work at LifeSource.”

3. Extended PTO

In addition to offering generous paid time off for vacation and sick leave, LifeSource also supports employees when unexpected events happen. All LifeSource team members accrue extended paid time off to be used for long term and unexpected life events, such as caring for an ill family member or practicing self-care during a period of bereavement.

4. A Beautiful and Sustainable Headquarters (with free parking!)

Located on the Mississippi River in North Minneapolis, LifeSource recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship. Along with green energy efforts and a robust composting and recycling program, LifeSource team members can also feel the impact of our work by visiting the healing garden, a space dedicated to honoring the lives of those who have made the generous gift of donation.

5. Resiliency Training

Due to the nature of our work, LifeSource team members are often involved in cases dealing with loss, bereavement, and grief. One of the ways we support our team members dealing with the repercussions of this unique and important work is to partner with a consultant to offer resiliency coaching.

Ashley Bredeson is a Donor Family Aftercare Program Administrator and a member of the Peer Resiliency Committee. She stresses the importance of resilience work: “Dealing with death is difficult for anyone, but when it is a large component of the work you do every day, it is essential to have practices in place to protect yourself and your emotional energy. By LifeSource offering resiliency trainings, they are acknowledging the stressors that accompany our work and ensuring that our health is high priority.”