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LifeSource’s Continued Work Toward Inclusion

Our proximity to George Floyd’s murder is still palpable, both as members of the North Minneapolis community and as an organization that values life and works every day to preserve it. One year ago, we looked for ways to elevate our support of equity. Today, that work is in action.

We continue our commitment to the community, as we have for 20 years and are proud to share our progress over the past year.

At LifeSource

  • Our Board of Directors adopted a Bold Aim of Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This goal will guide our work for the next decade.
  • We have created two gender neutral bathrooms in our headquarters for team members and guests.
  • Revisions have been made to our dress code policy to make it more inclusive.
  • Our leadership held listening sessions over the course of 2020 and these sessions will continue through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee in 2021.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a standing agenda item in our all-team meetings and progress towards this goal is reviewed by our Executive Team once a month.
  • LifeSource will be hiring a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to keep us moving forward indefinitely.

In Our Community

  • Donations to organizations dedicated to eradicating racism and committed to building strong communities. You can learn about these efforts here.
  • LifeSource will welcome four interns this summer from UpTurnships. This is part of our effort to strengthen our career pipeline for professionals of color.
  • Even before our public commitments, our Check the Box Campaign was designed with inclusion in mind. The idea that anyone who sees the campaign can see themselves in it is important because, everyone can register to be a donor and save lives.
  • Our blog gives in-depth answers to questions we heard during focus groups with communities of color. We are consistently working to answer questions and remove barriers for anyone considering becoming an organ donor. Examples of this include:
  • We continue to work with community partners to guide discussion and decisions.