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Enhancing Partnerships and Maximizing Donation Opportunities

In January 2018, we surveyed our hospital partners on how we can further enhance our relationships with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Fulfilling the mission of donation requires dedication and engagement by each of our 279 Hospital partners. LifeSource works each day to ensure we are providing the best possible service for our hospital partners and collaborating to care for donors and their families. In 2018, we engaged a research firm to listen to our hospitals to learn more about what things they appreciate about working with LifeSource and how we can better serve our hospitals and donor families. Click here for our results overview.

Notable highlights include:

  • High participation. 125 physicians, and hospital staff members completed the survey and reported a high rate of satisfaction.
  • Connection to mission. We received significant positive feedback throughout the survey process and are gratified to know that many feel aligned with our mission to save lives through donation and transplantation.

They also identified some areas where we can further strengthen our service focused on collaboration and communication. The feedback was very valuable, and we would like to share our mid-year update on initiatives activated in the last few months:

  • Collaboration is key. Our team honed the process for sharing information with our partners following donation. We’ve enhanced our collaborative dialogue to share outcomes and seek feedback within days after each donation. Outcomes and gratitude are included in a thank you note from our hospital liaisons and shared with every hospital partner who had a role in caring for family and making donation happen.

“I have observed a change in LifeSource staff reaching out to my team.”

– MD Hospital Partner
  • Accessible for Education. We recognize that the world is changing, and demands on time are more pressing than ever. Our team has activated a new initiative for developing topic-specific, web-based education tailored to nurses and physicians.
  • Guidance and Advocacy. Currently, we are forming a Critical Care Advisory of engaged thought leaders to offer expert guidance and advocacy leadership across the LifeSource Donation Service Area of Minnesota, North and South Dakota. Guidance and leadership encompass input on pre-donor critical care endpoints in support of donation opportunities and physician education on donation, to name a few.